Dulcis in pomerio

winner of NuoveSensibilità2010 Award
idea and direction      Helen Cerina

performance               Claudia Giordano, Helen Cerina
light design                 Chiara Zecchi
sound design               Alberto Prezzati
table prop                   Simone Alessandrini

A hybrid feature show staging an ideal history of urbanism; sugar cubes cities are built and destroyed while a dancer constructs movement by accumulating gestures like stones are accumulated in the erection of houses.

Co-produced by GOUE and InterconnessioniDinamiche
in collaboration with
InsideOff, NuoveSensibilità, Core, Amat.
Developed within the Choreoroam project:
The Place London, Operaestate Festival, Dansateliers, Dansescenen, Dance Week Festival Zagreb, Certamen Coreografico de Madrid.

Paths have been the first aesthetic action to penetrate territories of chaos establishing a new order upon which the architecture of the situated object has been developed. (F. Careri)

The path is what have crystallized the spaces of the staying in the sea of the going, is the trajectory of thought that consolidates in gesture and the gesture is a form. Shapes are the manifestation of the principles that constitute them. Any construction, city or dance, is an aesthetic organism, a palimpsest, concrete memory in which generational transit is recognizable. (Helen Cerina)

[The city is made] of relations between the measures of its space and the events of its past. (I. Calvino)