idea and direction   Helen Cerina
performance           Francesca Gironi, Annalì Rainoldi,
                                  Orlando Izzo/Alessandro Sciarroni/Elisabetta   
Elisa Mucchi/Claudia Giordano.
costumes               Valentina Ragni, Helen Cerina
sound                     Aliendee
light design             Chiara Zecchi,Helen Cerina
music                     P. Tchaikovsky, Joan As Police Woman

A high level of feat and technical virtuosity is necessary in order to simulate reality.

Here is the idea: record anonymous people in public situations and reproduce their movements in other places and in theatres.

What if know two people are doing exactly the same gesture at the same time? Maybe one is waiting for the bus under the snow and the other is speaking on the phone in his/hers living room, their gesture is identical but the meaning different. 

Here is the result: a dance.


made with the collaboration of
Inteatro, Amat, Kilowatt Festival.

Through the exaltation of details the subject sharpens and he/she has never been so alive, so human as he/she is now in our bodies on this stage. (Helen Cerina)