Post grammatica

by        Helen Cerina
with    Boccaccini Serena, Del Moro Daria, Giaconi Alexia,
            Grandicelli Elisa, Poeta Elisabetta, Troiano Iacopo Maria

music  Luca Losacco

I ponder upon the paradox of games, a more down-to-earth and intense simulation of reality.
I think of a grammar that regulates time, space and relations.
I believe that a game is a game only when it transcends its own grammar, there where it can release energy and the ancient emotion of survival.
I see the total participation of children in these simulations, making it possible for different games to intersect in the same playing field without being an obstacle to one another.
I imagine the excitement of tracing intricate patterns.

a Venice Dance Biennale commission within VitaNova
in collaboration with AMAT & Civitanova Danza for Civitanova Casa della Danza