Qualcosa dopo

by and with   Helen Cerina
live music by Alessandro Sebastianelli
light design   Giacomo Gorini
The show has as its trace a personal cosmogony, in which one's own thought of space and time is defined. The staging uses only the body and live music and with these means we want to make the invisible visible: like the imprints of the body in a dense space. The character who lives the scene is alien to the habits and perceptions of the rest of humanity, a humanity that is not yet sure still existing, perhaps only the memories are left. It is not known where she came from or what happened, the mud on her reveals a departure from afar. After something, there is something.
Something: it is "nothing" but still has no name, it is becoming, exploration, a forensic reconstruction. Maybe a new world, the memory of what it was or maybe the externalization of an inner world.

production Déjà Donné